About the sponsoring organisation

Senfkorn Kindertagesstätte gGmbH was founded in 2019 in order to operate day-care centres with a new approach across the country. They place their emphasis on Christian education and experiencing nature, combined with the promotion of movement and bilingualism (German-Aramaic). The sponsoring organisation is not affiliated with any political party, denomination, or company.


About the team

Mr Aydin Izgin and Saliba Gabriel are the founders and shareholders of Senfkorn Kindertagesstätte gGmbH. Growing up together in Bebra, Hessen, both of them were active in the youth group of the Syrian Orthodox church community of Bebra in the 1990s already, where they organised parties, dance classes, excursions, Bible and history classes, and other events.


Mr Izgin continues to volunteer in youth and cultural work in the Bebra church community. He is married, has two daughters, and is a technician by profession. Mr Izgin is acting as a consultant for the executing agency.


Mr Gabriel has been living and working in Paderborn since 2015. He started volunteering at the Syrian Orthodox parish of St. Aho in Paderborn in 2016. A certified merchant, he is married and has three children. Mr Gabriel has been managing director of Senfkorn Kindertagesstätte gGmbH since the sponsoring organisation was founded.



The partners cooperate with other dedicated sponsors and volunteers. The latter include:

  • Fehime Benjamin, a young educational scientist, Paderborn
  • Maria Aslan, special needs teacher in the support area of learning, Paderborn
  • Zeki Bilgic, linguist NISIBIN, language teacher Aramaic, Ahlen
  • Hezni Barjosef, religious educator and social worker, Paderborn


Honorary Employees:

  • Peggy Bresnik, state-approved educator, social pedagogue, German day-care association
  • Matthias Reiche, founding member of a parents’ initiative, author. and consultant of ksb Rheinland e.V., Wuppertal


The network is subject to constant expansion in order to support the sponsoring organisation. In addition, there are some paid employees and consultants from the Deutscher Kitaverband (German day-care association) that we joined in 2020.

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