Pedagogical concept

The legal mandate of day-care facilities for children is determined by the Act on the Early Education and Support of Children (Gesetz zur frühen Bildung und Förderung von Kindern) and the Fourth Act on the Implementation of the Child and Youth Welfare Act (viertes Gesetz zur Ausführung des Kinder und Jugendhilfegesetzes) – Social Code (Sozialgesetzbuch) VIII. Day-care centres are responsible for child education, upbringing, and care. They provide an important place of education and learning while complementing the children’s support in their families, ensuring continuity in childhood education. This is continually established through consultation and information in regular dialogue with the parents.

The goal of promoting a child’s personality is achieved by providing individual support.
For our day-care centre, this specifically means:

  • Educational processes are supported in German and in pedagogic offers in Aramaic, promoted by Christian themes, and stimulated by nature. Every child receives support in the group as well as individually.


  • Education takes place, among other things, in the form of rules of conduct as well as through individual activities that allow the children to express themselves. This strengthens and encourages them in developing their personalities.


  • Support is guaranteed by reliable operation of the facility. Rather than staying inside the buildings, the children and adults go outside every single day, using our outdoor grounds and exploring nature.


Brief summary of the day-care centre’s main focus:
Our educational work is based on Christian foundations. Christian values characterise all areas of education. Not only do the children deal with questions concerning the meaning of life but they are also introduced to how all people can live together well and meaningfully.

A regular experience of nature with the corresponding movement also is a fixed part in our daily activities. This gives the children specific experiences with nature and their environment in order to establish a connection between experiencing nature and practicing Christian values (protection of nature and animals, organic food, etc.).

The Aramaic language is also promoted by implementing daily educational activities in Aramaic.

The detailed concept depends on the respective location and the property. We will gladly submit our pedagogic concept to you upon request.

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